Berta: marriages and children

La lapide della tomba di Berta nel duomo di San Martino a Lucca.

The tombstone of Berta in the Duomo of San Martino in Lucca.

of Vincenzo Money.

Before dell'880 (Ann. Bertiniani, p. 151), Berta had been given in marriage to Count Theobald of Lorraine after the ill-fated attempts to Ugo, also a natural son of Lothair II and therefore brother of Berta, for the conquest of the kingdom of the father (880-85), had to be outside at his cousin Higgs Provence, becoming Count of Arles.

From this marriage four children were born, expected to play important roles in the troubled history of those years Italian:

Ugo (born probably in 881), who was king of Italy, Higgs, that was the Marquis of Tuscany, Ermengarda, who became Marchioness of Ivrea, having married Adalberto,Teutberga who married Guarniero of Chalons.

Marriage of Berta did not last long for the untimely death of Theobald (of which you have no more news after the 887), but the exile Provencal was sufficient to allow Hugh to secure a position, as Count of Vienne, shade of Lodovico, King of Provence.

From the name of the children of Theobald and Berta is possible to deduce the political guidance of parents: so Hugh and Teutberga mark the moment of accession to the house of Lorraine (Ugo was the senior Theobald, Teutberga the wife of Lothair II), and therefore had to be born before the 880-885, precisely in Lorraine; Higgs and Ermengarde instead, came to light during the residence in Provence, So between the 885 and the 887. – Higgs -name family of an uncle and grandfather of Theobald, but long dead in Italy - certainly repeats the name of the king of Provence, 879-887; That of Queen Ermengarde of Provence, daughter of the Emperor Louis II.

However, dates can only remain conjectural, for lack of a more secure documentation.

Bertha of Tuscany at the court of Lucca

Widowed, Berta passed a second marriage with Adalbert of Tuscany, probably because, having the family of these Proceres Italic many goods in Provence (as appears from a letter of Pope John VIII April 879, in Mon. Germ. Hist., Lett., VII, I, Berolini 1912, n. 171, p. 139), Berta and his relatives, or his party, you ripromettevano particular positions in Provence.

So we might think that the second marriage was combined in the last years of the ninth century,around all'895 [1].

The events brought Berta instead to play from the city of Lucca, where he lived for almost thirty years,, intense diplomatic politoco over the Italian and European context pushing himself to the court of Baghdad.

The Marquis of Tuscany took an active part in the "chaos" of Italian political life in those years, intervening in the dispute for the crown of Italy.

Lucca had control of the access routes to Rome, in particular through the Passo della Cisa then called step Monte Bardone, and therefore could interfere sull'incoronazione imperial: is in fact only the pope, however elected, that can crown the emperor.

The testimony of Berta in Lucca in the Cathedral of S. Martin

A Lucca, in the city from which radiated his power, guard the more certain testimony of Berta di Toscana, attested by his tombstone from the grave.

This plaque, in elegiac couplets, is located in the Cathedral of S. Martin, to the right of the wall of the counter [2].

This covers the body buried TUMOLO LADY (m). Glorious progeny Bert kindly honest - WIFE WAS THE ITALIAN Duke Adalbert. Royal race, who had been the all beauty - the famous from on high FRANCORU (m) GERMINE REGU (m). Karolus HE WAS HIS GRANDFATHER patriotic KING - more beautiful than the actual appearance of the beautiful GOOD. FILIA LOTHARII PULCHRIOR EX MERITIS - PERMANSIT FELIX SECLO DU (m) VIXIT IN ISTO. NOT HARMFUL prevailed to overcome it - the counsel of doctors under the control of government PENALTY.
It was always with great grace of God - Parts of many SUITE came. Sweet WHOSE why the conference (m) - Exile dearest mother remained. And foreign ALWAYS HELP(m) Diving - became clear that this woman is brave, served SAGE(m)NA. THE POWER OF GLORY WORLD COUNTRY - Ides eighth TUESDAY, emigrated from. Rest with the Lord liveth, and in LIFE - DEATH ALAS ITS Many have felt sad for pike. EOUS POPULUS PLANGIT AND OCCIDUUS - NUNC EUROPA moaned N(a)C LUGET FRANCIA TOTA. CORSICA SARDINIA, Greeks, ITALY - you say all of you who read that verse. EVERLASTING LIGHT until he 500(omi)N(and)S AMEN – AN(do not) D(omi)NICAE INCARNATIONIS. DCCCXXV. INDIC(thione) XIII OBIIT DE MUNDO .

This protects the body buried in the tomb of the Countess Berta, the beauty of the race, Benign and pious, wife of Duke Adalbert of Italy, was also of royal lineage and was all the ornament. Born dall'eccelsa noble lineage of King Franks, had for their ancestor King Charles pious. Beautiful in appearance, more beautiful for the good accomplished, the daughter of Lothair was even more beautiful by the merits. As long as he lived in this world was happy, and no opponent was able to prevail upon her. With the wisdom of opinions led many governamenti, and always the great grace of God was on his side.
From many regions were many accounts to seek his wise and gentle conversation. It was always for the unhappy exiles mother dearest and always helped with the aid pilgrims. This woman resplendent as wise and robust column, virtue, glory, light of the whole country. On March 8, emigrated from this life; live with the Lord in eternal peace. His death saddened many in pain, the nations of East and West are in mourning, Europe prays buds, now she cries all over France, Corsica, Sardinia, Greece Italia e.
All of you who read these verses, pray that the Lord grant him eternal light, and so is. He died in the year 925 incarnation of the Lord, indiction [3] XIII [4].

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[3] Convocation. It 'a system used in medieval documents to indicate the year and corresponds to a cycle 15 year old, numbered consecutively from 1 a 15.
The first cycle indizionale coincide with the third year in. C. To determine, therefore, the correlation between the calling and the year of Christ we must add three units to the years of Christ and divide the sum by 15. The quotient will indicate the cycles indizionali past and the rest of the year indizionale the current cycle; if the remainder is zero, the call is the fifteenth. It appears that originally this calculation was for five years and was linked to a form of tax burden used in Egypt; which later spread to the West, became the most popular system of calculation, so as to indicate only the year of Christ in the documentation. Even for the Proclamation distinguished various styles: the Greek or Byzantine indiction.
Start September 1, so to find the sync with the common year we must increase it by one unit from September 1 to 31 December. Fu SATA Bisanzio a, from the papal chancery until the year 1087, a Lucca, in Milan and can also be found in the documents of the ninth regi secolo.Oltre these existed .indizione the Sienese, the calling bedana,l 'call bedana Genoese,l 'Roman indiction.
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