Brings to the table the Middle Ages

Porta in tavola il Medioevo - Locandina

Brings to the table the Middle Ages, playbill.

Who has not wanted to relive, also are for a day, the magic and charm of the Middle Ages? In this small space we want to show you that it is not impossible to stop time, retrace the steps of a past rich. A past that lives every day around us, in the stones of the most beautiful squares of our cities, painted in the colors of the strangest, in the rows of unpublished manuscripts, customs, in the music and flavors.

Our association, thanks to years of experience and a continuous and painstaking research, is now able to reproduce and reproduce medieval-themed environments and locations, with the collaboration of scholars and qualified researchers.

Brings to the table the Middle Ages is this: through recipes carefully transcribed and reconstructed, we put on the table the story. From appetizers to desserts, from breads to cookies, the Middle Ages everyday lives and with him, le musiche, the jokes and dances, for a charming setting and unique.

For your day of celebration, for your banquet or for your special occasions, we take you from concept to preparation, service animation: simply believe in the importance of heritage and its assessment and share with us a passion.

A’wide choice of menu will allow you to choose between the kitchen and the Byzantine court of Charlemagne, the flavors Norman – Swabian and those of the great Italian Lordships, between the plates of the nobility and the common people.

The courses are introduced by a crier costume describing its origin and ingredients, dishes for diners are made of wood and clay. The service includes the preparation of the table, flow, the dishes, bread, beverages to choose from spiced wine, sony, ippocrasso and water, costumed waiters.

We can bring to the table the Middle Ages, wherever required, private parties, weddings, in your special occasions, solutions and buffet, if required, also domicilo.

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