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The ACIM's main objective is the promotion and development of the historical and artistic heritage of the Italian Middle Ages. Organize events, such as parties and pageants, conferences, exhibitions, visite guidate, travel, courses and banquets.


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The Cultural Association Medieval Italy employs a main portal and several in-depth blog on individual topics, between which a daily press review of news, events and cultural information. True to its mission, the Association of Italian Medieval enhances the Middle Ages in all its forms, also with the literary Literary Award Philobiblon and in their supports and promotes events groups, entities and individuals operating in this sector, for which he has also established the © Prize Medieval Italy.


The Cultural Association Medieval Italy has no profit and only supports the shares of the associated, with its activity. Registration is now open. We remember, at last, you can help, as a Member or not, a growth of the Association and of this portal, sending reports, news from the medieval world.

Nomadic warriors and peoples of the steppes

Joseph Cossuto. Accepting the invitation of the gentle Dr. Serpico, you want to start this article with a discussion on various aspects of historical and cultural interchange had the so-called peoples of the steppes (Unni, Avari, Bulgari, Turks, Peceneghi, Cumani, Wait, etc..) in the Middle Ages…

I Longobardi

Ornella Mariani. And Longobardi Re d'Italia: Summary Table 568/572: Alboino 572/574: Clefi 574/584: anarchy or period of the Dukes 584/590: Autari 591/616: Agilulfo, from 604 associato conAdaloaldo 616/625: Adaloaldo: protection of Theodelinda 625/635: Ariovaldo and interregnum di Gundeberga per 10…

Dedicated to the Varangians

by Aldo C. Marturano. Mafia-type organization appeared in the Russian Land in the early Middle Ages when it comes to the Varangians usually think, almost naturally!, the Baltic Sea and Russia and it is certainly right to imagine these people, these…